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  • Material: Stainless Steel Wire.

  • Technology: woven or welded.

  • Wire diameter: 0.4mm – 3.0mm.

  • Aperture size: 1mm – 15mm.

  • Edge Type: Covered and welded edge.

The Barbecue Grill Wire Mesh: What T0 Look Our For

A good barbecue grill wire mesh is a valuable investment, and an essential piece of kitchenware for anyone who takes their cooking seriously. Whether you want to host large dinners for friends and family during the weekend or holidays, or grill a large quantity of meat for a summer barbecue, bbq roasting racks are an invaluable investment. BBQ grill netting

Your choice of barbecue grill wire mesh should be strong and sturdy, have the capability to distribute heat evenly through the BBQ mesh, and be durable enough to be used more than once a year. They also need to be able to transfer from the oven to the stove top for deglazing, without any hot spots or buckling over direct heat.

Several additional factors ought to be put into consideration for optimal performance. The shape, design and size are all important, as well as the material used for construction, and the total weight of the rack.

Circular Shape

Wire Gauge (SWG)Wire Diameter (mm)Diameter (mm)Weight (kg / piece)

Square Shape

Wire Gauge (SWG)Wire Diameter (mm)Length (mm)Width (mm)Weight (kg / piece)

Rectangle Shape

Wire diameter (mm)Aperture size (mm)Panel width (mm)Panel length (mm)
376 × 12.7457610
2.576 × 12.7457914
376 × 12.7457914

How to Season Stainless Steel BBQ Mesh and Burners

Outdoor grilling is one of the great pleasures of modern life. It’s simple, it’s tasty and it’s healthy. To get the most out of your stainless steel grill mesh and rack, take good care of them. Following the tips in this article will result in lower maintenance, a practically non-stick surface and years of barbecue heaven.

Here are the steps to take to season Your BBQ Grill Netting:

1. Preheat the grill to a temperature of 135 – 175ºC.

  1. Wash and dry the BBQ grill netting so as to get rid of any residue from the manufacturer that can get baked into your BBQ grill wire netting. If your grill is far from new, ensure that you remove any crusty bits and residues from it. Begin the process using a metal scraper and end with a wire brush.
  2. Coat your entire BBQ grill netting with melted lard, vegetable oil or shortening. Then cover the BBQ grill netting with a foil sheet.
  3. Place the BBQ grill wire netting in the grill. To catch any dripping from the shortening or oil, place a foil-covered sheet under the BBQ grill wire netting. Leave it to bake for about 30 minutes to allow the oil enough time to season the stainless steel.
  4. Remove the BBQ grill wire netting and allow it to cool. Repeat this procedure at least twice to achieve a dark finish.
  5. Reinstall the BBQ grill wire netting on your grill. You are now ready to start making some delicious barbecue sensations.

During use, a BBQ grill grates wire mesh is subjected to high temperatures, as well as grease splatters. If left unprotected outdoor, it is subjected to constant exposure to the elements. These conditions, over time, will cause the iron grill to rust. An iron BBQ grill grates wire mesh with rust is not safe for use, as rust may stick to the food. A barbecue grill wire mesh with minor rust on the surface can be cleaned and treated to get rid of rust before continuing the use. While ingesting rust from one meal may not likely cause immediate harm, continuous ingestion may cause problems for the intestinal tract.

How to Treat Rusty Barbecue Grill Wire Mesh

Remove the barbecue grill wire mesh from the BBQ grill for a checkup and proper cleaning. Wash with soap, water and steel wool. Afterwards, wipe them out using a damp sponge. Once dry, check its parts for rust. If the parts are made using cast iron, the rust would come off by scraping it off using a wire brush or a barbecue scraper. Rinse the grates with a solution of approximately 5 parts water and 1 part vinegar. Your grate should now be replaced with a porcelain-like grate.


Once the grill is heated up, re-season your barbecue grill wire mesh by using a paper towel to rub cooking oil on them. Allow the oil to burn away and repeat the process again. This helps to keep the grates from becoming rusty, as well as prevents food from sticking to the BBQ grill netting.

How to Make Your Stainless Steel BBQ Mesh Look Brand New

One way of making your grill look brand new is through cleaning.  This also plays an important role in ensuring that your BBQ mesh is in good working condition.

How to Clean BBQ Grates

The best way to clean BBQ grates is to clean them after every use. Give your BBQ grates with stainless steel grill mesh a good scrub with either a bristle free grill brush or stainless steel grill brush. Doing this procedure while the grill is still hot saves you the stress of doing it before the next use, and plays a part in ensuring that your stainless steel wares are kept looking as good as new.

How To Clean Stubborn Stains
Unfortunately, from time to time, something stubborn sticks to your cooking surface. Don’t fret. Try these tips instead.

  • A sheet of foil, placed shiny side down, over the stubborn area while the grill is heating up to 500°F (high) should solve the problem.
  • When the grill is hot enough, brush the stubborn area with a grill brush.

P.S.: Consider putting on Heat Resistant Barbecue Gloves, because of the high temperature used.

  • You may also try soaking the dirty stainless steel grills in hot water, then scrub gently to get your grills very clean.

Take note that the hot water strips away the seasoning and your stainless steel BBQ grill netting will need to be re-seasoned.

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