Shean Iron Steel Co.,Ltd was founded in June 2007, in Cangzhou city. At beginning of opening, we only produce earth screws. With more than 10 years development, the business covers iron and steel field, including four categories: farm supply, foundations, garden supply and timber connectors. We are north to Beijing, east to Tianjin, which brings great convenience in traffic, whatever from road way, air way or sea way.

What We Do

We will provide customers with abundant products, reasonable price and good quality so as to reassure customers with ease and comfort. Our products include BBQ mesh, cattle pen, earth screws and post supports. Also we are equipped with hot dipped galvanization line to do surface treatment. Besides, we produce according to drawing and samples.

Shean Iron Steel Co.,Ltd

Our Advantage

1. Good product is a good thing for a successful get-together.

We have our own production and outsourcing production. Own production do not take low price strategy, but winning by quality, reasonable pricing, since own production culture has always been a hallmark of company. For outsourcing production, it is that most basic way to purchase and trace the source of purchase, from the raw material, production, inspection and delivery, to ensure the quality of the products.

2. Refined management.

The importance of day-to-day management of the company is self-evident, the working state of a day, the details to customers are the soul of company. It can be reference to the customer, to overall image of company and even the quality of goods. A clean, well-regulated, well-organized scene is not the same as dirty mess to the sales.

3. Rest assured on free sample.

The sample is a kind of trust, and is also a confidence in the products. This two-way communication allows customers to perceive the quality and quality of the good. Free sample does not get customers have to buy, but to have a more real understanding of the product.

4. Stock to solve customers’ urgent needs.

We know that many companies can meet the requirements of one-stop needs, but can’t meet the requirement of urgency. Let’s take a look at how the company meets the requirement of one-stop needs meanwhile for urgency. For iron and steel field, we can manage any product according to drawing and sample. And we have stock resources for customers’ urgent needs.

Our Philosophy

Adhering to the concept of good faith management, Shean Iron Steel Co.,Ltd has established a good reputation in the industry, which has won the favor of a large number of customers by relying on high quality and low price products, and the customer service.

Under the driving of good faith, Shean Iron Steel Co.,Ltd is a business ecological system which combines the interests of customers, suppliers and employees, and forms an automatic self-generating and benign operation.

The core is how to better serve customers. On the service side, Shean Iron Steel Co.,Ltd does not simply sell goods, but provides a solution to customers, who truly regards customers as their own friends and family, and tries hard to be the customer’s support.